House Wine

Red, White (medium or dry) or Rosé £3.25


House Wine (bottle)


Spritzer with medium or dry white wine


Chenin Blanc An elegant dry white wine


Macon Village A fresh dry French White Wine with a lemony nose


Piersporter Michelsberg A medium dry, fruity and elegant German White Wine


Amarosa Chardonnay


An Australian soft White Wine with a pleasing boouquet of citruxs fruits and green apples

Cote du Rhone A full-bodied French soft Red Wine from the Rhone Valley


Faustino Rioja An aromatic, oakey Spanish Red Wine


Macon Superior A ripe and fruity, well balanced French Red Wine


Mateus Rosé A light and refreshing medium dry Portuguese Rosé Wine


Rosé Danjou A delightfully fruity medium French Rosé Wine


Champagne Please ask for this month’s special


Asti Cinzano An Italian medium sweet Sparkling Wine



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